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Killjoy... Warp Speed!

Welcome to the first installment of “In The Shop”, or “Shop Blog”, or “Time to Explain That Color of Sawdust”… or whatever I’m gonna call this thing. Either way, thanks for stopping by & taking a few minutes (probably more like a ton of minutes) to read about all things guitars (and amps, pedals, tone, playing, recording, etc).

Welcome to a place where I’m probably going to interest, bore, excite, and annoy (most likely all of the aforementioned at the same time) you with details about how I do things, why I do things (and why I DON’T do things) related to building guitars… specifically my guitars. Much like my shop, it’ll be cluttered & full of dust but hopefully some outstanding pieces will emerge… or ramblings, I’m good for that.

Welcome to my soapbox, platform, upturned bucket, virtual one-man show. We will discuss such hot-button topics like the ins & outs of hookup wire, properties of exotic hardwoods, magnets, non-ferrous metals, and sandpaper: aluminum oxide vs silicon carbide… or not. Depends. If you have questions about how or why I build guitars, send me an email.

Welcome to Joe Bochar Guitars. Killjoy… warp speed!

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